Clincial Pilates

Clinical Pilates has been shown to be effective in the management of long term spinal, pelvic & hip pain. This is achieved through a program of exercises which improves strength, endurance & flexibility of the whole body, while targeting the core muscle system.

The program consists of exercises including floor based, reformer & trapeze table. Clinical Pilates is different from 'gym pilates' in that it uses various resistance apparatus to isolate all aspects of human body movement in a functional manner. The other defining feature of clinical pilates lays in the expert level of supervision provided by a pilates physiotherapist. 

As our 1-on-1 sessions and classes are run by a Physiotherapist the private health rebate can be claimed on-the-spot via the HICAPS system.

Our clinical pilates physiotherapist will conduct an initial pilates assessment,  which will guide the client into either a pilates group class (3-4 clients) or a one on one appointment with the pilates physiotherapist.

Mums and Bubs Pilates

These small group classes are specific to the needs of women post partum. The classes will help recent mothers regain core muscle function, thereby reducing associated pain & dysfunction that occurs as a result of the pregnancy & birthing process. This is an individualised program, conducted in a group of 3-4 participants by a highly skilled pilates physiotherapist. 

The program consists of a combination of floor-based, reformer and trapeze table exercises. With the added comfort of being an arms reach to your new bundle of joy, the baby is incorporated into some exercises.  Call the clinic to book an initial 1:1 introductory session, and your clinical pilates physiotherapist will guide you & your baby along the correct pathway. And there's the added benefit of some socializing with other Mothers going through similar experiences.

Initial pilates assessment:

Involves a 40min consult with a pilates physiotherapist which provides direction for the pilates program.

1 on 1 pilates consultation:

A 40min follow-up consult with a pilates physiotherapist

Group pilates class:

Group pilates class with 3-4 people. Supervised by a pilates physiotherapist. Each participant is given a separate, individualised program.